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MANA de Albuquerque Receives $179,000 in Capital Outlay Funding in 2021 Legislative Session

MANA de Albuquerque is happy to announce that we were extremely successful in the 2021 New Mexico Legislative Session, receiving a total of $179,000 in capital outlay project funding! These funds will help MANA de Albuquerque purchase equipment, information technology, materials, and two vans to support the chapter’s flagship initiative, the Hermanitas program.

"We are thrilled with the success of our efforts at the legislature," said Lorena Blanco-Silva, President of MANA de Albuquerque. "The support from our state senator and representatives through the capital outlay process will provide us the opportunity to grow and enhance our Hermanitas program."

MANA de Albuquerque extends a huge thank you to our board members and community who helped support the fundraising effort. We’d also like to send a special thanks to the following five legislators for their contribution to our mission and to our Albuquerque community:

What is Capital Outlay Funding?

The Property Control Act defines a "capital outlay project" as the acquisition, improvement, alteration, or reconstruction of assets of a long-term character that are intended to continue to be held or used, including land, buildings, machinery, furniture, and equipment. A capital outlay project includes all proposed expenditures related to the entire undertaking. Typical capital outlay projects include:

• planning, designing, constructing, equipping, and furnishing community centers, senior centers, fire stations, libraries, courthouses, and other buildings;

• purchasing vehicles, such as for fire departments, senior centers, or police departments;

• road construction and street improvements;

• park renovations and equipment purchases;

• water and wastewater system development and acequia improvements;

• construction or renovations to state institutions of higher education; and

• construction or improvements to buildings on tribal lands.

To learn more about MANA de Albuquerque and how to support our mission, visit our website.

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